Blacksmith Albums

Blacksmith Albums is an album company that prides themselves on amazing quality, fast 7-day turnaround, and the best part: beautiful presentation. Offering beautiful black, brown, and ivory leather, hand-bound leather albums, Blacksmith is the true definition of handcrafted excellence!

Before, their website was just a static page with a contact form. They really wanted a site that showed off all of the things they're know for. Of course, it also helps that the owner is a photographer, so he supplied us with beautiful lifestyle photos of their albums!

We love their simple light palette! We built them a simple site that gave visitors more information all the while showcasing the albums in the best light! The black website gives a cool contrast to the content.

Services: Package 3 | Testimonial Integration | Icon Integration | Contact Form Setup

Take a look at their site below or visit their site here.