• For small and large businesses alike.

    Corporate Video Production Company

    KreatiVisuals is a modern film and video production company located in Los Angeles, California. We specialize in branded entertainment, corporate video production, commercials, and web videos. We work with small to large sized businesses.

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  • We handle every aspect of the creative process.

    Professional Post-Production

    From creating concepts to delivering your optimized video. We know more than just framing and exposure. We take pride in our post-production, and we are keen in color correction; Others don't even bother to do that.

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  • We conceptualize, create, and deliver while exceeding the expectations of our clients.

    Cinema Meets Marketing

    We are different than our competitors. Not only are we storytellers but we are experienced in the business world. We know the importance of marketing, finances, relevancy, and much more.

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Film and Video Production Company

Los Angeles Corporate Video Production

Corporate Videos

Granted, the term “corporate video” can be less than enticing when it comes to grabbing the attention of customers. We’ve all seen those cheesy, out of date corporate videos that make us cringe. But, we make it our top priority to give you the right content and the right tools to obtain engaging, high-quality corporate videos. This will help bring in more customers and solidify the relationships you already have.

Commercial Videos

We’ve all seen or heard commercials. They’re inevitable. With the YouTube being the second largest search engine VSEO (video search engine optimization), corporate videos are becoming more and more powerful. According to comScore, 64% of website visitors are more likely to purchase a service or good after watching a 1-2 minute video. Take advantage of this growing platform of video marketing to make your business more successful.

Branding Content

An effective brand strategy provides you with a significant edge in increasingly competitive markets But what does “branding” exactly mean? In a few words, your brand is what your promise your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your product and/or services, and what makes you different from your competitors. You make your brand. It comes from who your are, what you want to be, and what the world perceives you to be.

What We’re About

Here at KreatiVisuals we strive to give our customers the best commercial videos with minimal costs. Video has become the most effective way to connect with people to convey messages and ideas. We help companies and brands communicate their message through:

  • Branded Content
  • Commercials
  • Corporate Video


What We Do

Our Video Production Process

The Goal

Defining business goals for your video cannot be overlooked. These goals essentially speak for themselves and your company as a whole. They serve as a foundation for the success of your video and essentially you. Therefore it also serves as the context or “driving force” into a higher level in the business world.

The Message

Getting a specific message to the appropriate audience is very difficult. Many companies do not have a firm grasp on what to showcase and how to present their service or product. Putting together a message that will resonate with an audience is a very difficult task. Here at KreatiVisuals we help aid in this process.

Filming and Editing

Filming is all about planning and preparation. Our well experienced crew will be able to adapt in every situation. This is where your story is made. Your video isn’t just a facts and figures on a screen. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. People want to watch it because its informing and engaging not just clips put together


New Media VS Old Media

Though corporate video production has a long, dirty history of being dull, ugly, and dreary, we bring in a new approach. We are of a completely different class – we care passionately about our work – how it’s portrayed, how it visually looks, but most importantly, how it performs. We pride ourselves on being revolutionary, creative and modern. We understand lighting, composition, and technique, but most video production companies don’t even go that extent. Take a look at our corporate video production reel to get a sense of our style and the work that we produce.


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